Exceptions Blitz:

Exception’s Playlist
The day I began writing Exception, I started a playlist that had only fourteen songs, mostly by Adele and Nickelback. Throughout the eight months it took to write Exception, it grew to over 200 songs that range from Elvis Presley to Kiss. They were all inspiring, but to me, these eighteen are as much part of the book as Taylor and Emily.
Wonderful Life – Alterbridge
Now That I’ve found you – Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
In My Life – Johnny Cash
A Love Eternal – Joe Satriani
Take a Look at Yourself – Coverdale/Page
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Elvis Presley
The Deeper the Love – Whitesnake
Lucky – Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat
Mine – Taylor Swift
Your Precious Love – Whitesnake
All I Want Is You – Whitesnake
Fix You – Coldplay
Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
Don’t Ever Let it End – Nickelback
Lovesong – Adele
One and Only – Adele
All That Really Matters – Richie Sambora
Don’t Look Back – John Lee Hooker
“She didn’t ask the name on the tab to charge the drinks.”
Emily shook her head and shot him an incredulous look. “Of course not, I have connections, remember? I thought that was the cornerstone of this friendship.”
“You took me seriously on that?” His tone and the look in his eyes made his incredulity and embarrassment clear. “I was just kidding. Now you must think that I’m some kind of freeloader.”
Emily giggled remembering Zack calling him that. “So you don’t want to be friends? Man, I feel awkward now,” she teased pretending to get up from her chair.
“No!” he yelped touching her arm.
If someone asked Emily to explain how she felt at that moment, she couldn’t. His touch felt confusing and weird, yet oddly comforting. Even stranger than his touch was her reaction. She should have recoiled. She always recoiled when anyone other than the handful of people whom she was closest to touched her—but she didn’t. Instead, she just stared at the hand that embraced her forearm with the lightest touch. It was as if he knew.
“I do want to be your friend. I wasn’t joking about that, but it has nothing to do with your connections.”


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