A ripple through time

A Ripple Through Time Cover

Title: A Ripple Through Time

Author: T. D. Bogart

Anticipated Release Date: February 1, 2014

Genre: Romance


Destiny captures the essence of a moment, intertwining lives and defining journeys. Finding the route that leads to those discoveries is neither easy nor hard, but for Ryan and Natalie, it is about to throw them into a world that far exceeds their imagination or expectations.

With only a handful of his grandfather’s journals and a damaged painting he’d inherited, Ryan, a third generation Naval Academy graduate and his girlfriend, Natalie, a painting restorer, unexpectedly find themselves immersed in a mystery. Ryan and Natalie unravel clues that lead them down a twisting path of raw emotion and vivid memories as they are taken back to the forties.

This journey unveils the previously unknown world of Derrick, a WWII Veteran, and his love, Jianna, a Navy nurse. Their world evokes the true meaning of devotion and sacrifice. Some stories are better left untold, while others scream for attention when its original voice is lost. Two generations are linked through words and brush strokes, cast a ripple through time that will forever change their lives.


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About the Author

T. D. Bogart

In my almost twenty six years on this planet, I have endured more than most would ever dream of. These experiences have fueled my writing. I’ve created a fictional setting with characters that live out elements of my life that I felt compelled to share.

I have a creative mind and an artistic spirit, and I thrive when there are elements of imaginative spark. My fur babies are my children, and I am an advocate for those that have special needs. I’m a proud Navy wife, and a forever student, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a certification in project management. Being a military wife is a gift; an adventure on its own, so take a seat, and enjoy this journey with me!

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