Hearts on Fire



Title:  Hearts on Fire (Hidden Springs Series #2)

Author:  Kristine Raymond

Genre:   Historical Western Romance

Release Date:  December 26, 2013



Jack Tanner has never had a shortage of beautiful women on his arm…or in his bed. As the marshal of Hidden Springs, he has his pick of any eligible woman in town. So why is it that the only woman he wants is the one who won’t even give him the time of day?

Landry Prescott has had a crush on Jack Tanner since the day she laid eyes on him. Feeling like she is unable to compete with the young, beautiful women that he surrounds himself with, she chooses to ignore him instead.

When Landry’s life is threatened, Jack comes to her rescue and the spark of interest that had been buried in each of them ignites into a blaze of passion. Is their newfound desire the result of circumstance? Will their love burn out quickly or will they forever have hearts on fire?

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About the Author

Kristine Raymond loves to read and that naturally transformed into a love of writing.  She has always been a fan of the Old West and lived in Arizona for several years, where she was able to appreciate the beauty and history of the region.


She has released two books in the Hidden Springs series and is currently working on her third.  When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and furry family, and occasionally watches a TV western or two.

Social Links

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristine-Raymond-Author/470000156446606

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/k_raymondauthor

Website:  http://kristineraymond.com/

Amazon Author Page:  http://amzn.to/1lNST8O

Goodreads Page:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7362213.Kristine_Raymond


Purchase Here to Stay (Hidden Springs Series #1) on sale for $1.99!

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GH4GCQ4

Amazon UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GH4GCQ4

Amazon CA:  https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00GH4GCQ4



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Excerpt 1

“Did you ever notice how Landry never calls you by your first name?” Boots asked.  “She calls the rest of us by our first names, even Ben, but not you.  Why do you suppose that is?”

    Jack had noticed and it irked him.  But he was not about to let Boots know that.  “I suppose it’s because she’s a proper lady,” Jack answered.  “I don’t think she thinks it’s respectable to talk to me, seeing as I’m such a womanizer.”

    Boots laughed at that.  There was no denying that Jack Tanner loved the ladies.  It seemed like every time he turned around, there was a different woman on his arm…or in his bed.  But lately, Jack found himself growing weary of the constant parade of women.  He wanted what his best friend Sam, had with his wife, Kate.  You could see from a mile away how much those two loved each other.  It hadn’t been the easiest relationship in history but going through their trials, and coming out the other side, had made their love stronger.  That’s what Jack wanted.  A woman who would stand beside him, through good and bad, and still look at him the way Kate looked at Sam.  Oh, he could get married in a minute if he wanted to.  One of the reasons that Melinda Sue Perkins had stopped seeing him was because he wouldn’t propose to her.  Melinda Sue wasn’t a bad choice in a wife but he wanted a woman who would stand up to him, a woman who had a fiery spirit; not one who would pout when she didn’t get her way.  Which brought him back to Landry Prescott.  They spent a lot of time together since they were each best friends with Sam and Kate.  But Landry barely acknowledged him, remaining aloof and distant, always the proper lady.  Jack longed to kiss that proper expression right off of her face.  He would take bets that her lips tasted like honey.  He shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he thought about pulling the pins from her hair and letting it fall like a golden sheet over her shoulders.  He wanted to plunge his hands into that hair and plunge his….


Excerpt 2

“Landry, honey, are you hurt?  Landry, look at me.”  Jack reached over and pulled her up by her shoulders.  Once she was standing, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.  He could feel her shaking and she buried her head into his chest.  They stood there like that for several minutes until her tremors subsided then she straightened up and pulled herself out of his arms.  “Are you hurt?” he asked again, lifting her chin with his finger so that he could look at her.  An angry knot twisted in his stomach when he saw the dark mark on her face.  Her cheeks were wet and streaked from the tears that had fallen and he couldn’t resist the temptation to wipe them away.  He slowly brushed his thumb across her cheek, first one side then the other and heard her soft intake of breath.  In the dim lamplight, he saw her eyes widen as he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her.  It was a soft kiss, the merest brushing of his lips on hers but it was enough to make him instantly hard.  He pulled away and took a step back, trying to get himself under control.  After what she had just been through, he didn’t think it was entirely appropriate to take her to bed, which is what he wanted to do in the worst way.  No woman had ever had this effect on him before.  He had known Landry for over two years.  How had he never noticed her before?

Excerpt 3

“It’s Hidden Springs!” she exclaimed, dropping his hand and twirling in a circle, as if trying to see it all at once.

    “Yes, it is,” Jack answered, enjoying her delight.

    “How did you find it?” she asked, stooping and dipping her fingers into the pool.

    “I found it a week ago when I was looking for the horse thieves.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to bring you here.”

    “You mean, no one else knows it’s here?” she asked, watching as he unsaddled the horses and turned them loose to graze.

    “No one, just us.  We’re completely isolated from everyone else. Come here, Landry,” he said huskily.

    She started to tremble as she walked towards him.  This was the first time they had been really alone together and she was both exhilarated and unnerved by the thought.  She noticed that he had laid a blanket on the ground and she stepped onto it, stopping before him.  He reached out and brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes.  His touch on her skin burned her like a brand and she was shocked by her body’s response to his simple caress.  He whispered “Landry, girl” and then kissed her, a deeply intimate kiss that foretold of things to come.  He reached up and pulled the hair clip from her hair, releasing it to fall down her back and over her shoulders.  His hands roamed freely up and down her body, igniting flames of desire within her.  The way he was kissing her was like he was taking possession of more than her body, he was taking possession of her soul.  He lifted his head and she gave a whimper of dismay.  He took a step back and looked at her.

    “Do you trust me?” he asked, his voice husky with desire.

    She nodded and watched as he reached over and slowly unbuttoned her dress.  She stood there, mesmerized by his gaze, letting him undress her even though she knew it was improper.  He pushed the dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall around her feet.  He knelt and unbuttoned her right shoe, lifted her foot out of it, reached under her shift and unhooked her garter and slid her stocking off of her leg.  He repeated the action with her left shoe and stocking and moved her garments off of the blanket.  He stood and unlaced her shift, letting it fall and baring her breasts to him.

20 Fun facts about me

1.  I don’t fly…in airplanes.  I don’t fly not in airplanes, either.

2.  I use a computer mouse upside down.  I’ve tried to learn how to use it the way other people do…my brain is not wired that way.

3.  I’m a vegetarian

3.  I’ve never ridden in a convertible …with the top up or down

4.  I wear socks all of the time…even in the summer.  Love the aloe infused ones!

5.  My socks have to match

6.  The first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes

7.  I used to own a pig named Wilbur

8.  I hate to exercise

9.  I own six different exercise machines

10.  I was raised near the ocean

11.  I cry when I visit the ocean

12.  I still read children’s books that I liked as a kid

13.  I love Disney animated movies …the original ones like Bambi and Sleeping Beauty

14.  I have seen a real roadrunner …I was disappointed when he didn’t say “Beep Beep”

15.  I don’t wear make-up

16.  I like to eat the same thing, day after day, for weeks until I become sick of it…then I won’t eat it again for a year

17.  I have tablets of paper and bunches of pens all over my house.  It never fails that when I need to write something down, I end up using a napkin and then promptly misplace it

18.  I love to be organized

19.  My office is so disorganized

20.  I finally started listening to the voices in my head …and became an author.



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